Devon Beach Guide


Devon Beach Guide is run by "West Country Views" photographer Simon Lewis.
I work hard to keep the information on Devon Beach Guide as up to date as possible. I aim to revisit 40-60 beaches a year, but with over 200 beaches on Devon Beach Guide and Cornwall Beach Guide it is impractical to visit every beach every year and it is inevitable that some information on this website will be out of date.
Beaches can change. Access to the beach can be damaged in storms, toilets may be closed, the rules about dogs may change and sand can shift or even disappear completely after storms.
If you visit a beach and find that my information is incorrect, please email me and I will correct the website.
All the information I have about Devon's beaches is on this website, so please do not email me asking for additional information about specific beaches.
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All of the photos on Devon Beach Guide are from the West Country Views website. All these photos may be used in printed publications and websites for free. If you need a high resolution version of a photo, please email me or alternatively you can download high resolution versions of my photos from Flickr at West Country Views on Flickr
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