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North Devon

Sandy Bay is a large sandy beach found on the coast just east of Exmouth. There is a large caravan park above the beach and a small amount of parking for the public. Dogs banned in summer
Sandy Bay Details

North Devon

Saunton Sands is a huge sandy beach which stretches for 3 miles south. The beach is popular with surfers and parking and facilities are close to the beach. Dogs restricted in summer
Saunton Sands Details

English Riviera
Scabbacombe Sands is a small pebble and sand beach which is usually quiet with parking some distance away (about 30 minutes) and no facilities. Dogs allowed all year
Scabbacombe Sands Details

South Devon

Seacombe Beach is a nice sandy beach about 2 miles from Mill Bay on the coast path. Dogs allowed all year
Seacombe Details

East Devon

Seaton is a big seaside resort town in East Devon, with a large pebble beach which stretches east to Seaton Hole. There is easy access to Seaton beach and facilities are close to the beach. To the east of the town is Seaton harbour on the River Axe and east of the River Axe, the pebble beach extends for some distance east. Dogs restricted in summer
Seaton Details

East Devon
Shaldon is a small town on the banks of the River Teign. There is a nice sandy beach with easy access, but parking is some distance away. Dogs restricted in summer
Shaldon Details

East Devon
Sidmouth is a pleasant sea side resort town, with a long pebble beach which stretches from the River Sid at the east of the town, west to Chit Rocks and Jacobs Ladder Beach and further west. There is some sand at low tide. Parking, toilets, facilities are a few minutes walk from the beach. At the east of the town there is a foot bridge over the River Sid and steps down to a pebble beach east of the River Sid. This stretches several miles east. Dogs banned in summer
Sidmouth Details

South Devon
Slapton Sands is a 3 mile long pebble beach with plenty of space and is worth visiting for the wonderful scenery. There are 3 main access points, at the village of Torcross at the southern end, the memorial car park at approximately the mid point and in the north, the Strete Gate car park. The part of the beach beyond Strete Gate is an unofficial nudist beach. Dogs allowed all year
Slapton Sands Details

South Devon
Soar Mill Cove is a small put picturesque sandy cove on the South Devon coast. There is little sand at low tide and there are no facilities. The nearest car park is a 30 minute walk on the coast path. Dogs allowed all year
Soar Mill Cove Details

South Devon
South Sands beach is a popular flat sandy beach to the south of Salcombe. Parking and facilities are close to the beach, but note that the car park is small. Dogs banned in summer
South Sands Details

English Riviera
St Marys Bay is a large sandy beach on the outskirts of Brixham. There are no facilities or toilets so the beach is fairly quiet. There is good coast path walking around Sharkham Point and north to Berry Head. Dogs allowed all year
St Marys Bay Details

West Devon
Stoke Beach is a pleasant sandy beach above a large caravan park. The beach has large rocky areas with lots of rock pools. Unfortunately parking is very limited and there are no facilities
Stoke Beach Details

South Devon
Sunny Cove is a sandy beach with pleasant scenery looking out onto Salcombe Harbour. Parking and facilities are at Mill Bay, a 10 minute walk on the coast path. Dogs allowed all year
Sunny Cove Details

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